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Air Cannon

Golf’s newest fundraising activity

Upgrade your next tournament by adding an unforgettable experience for every player!  The Air Cannon launches golf balls over 300 yards.  Our goal is to provide a new and exciting experience guaranteed to raise funds for your charity and provide a memorable time that will help to secure players to come back year after year.

How it works

We set up a Closest to the Pin contest on a selected Par 4 hole.  We offer each player the opportunity to shoot the Air cannon….this replaces their tee shot and allows them to shoot the ball on the green.  If every player in the group participates then the entire group is rewarded with a 10-foot putt for a chance to make an eagle regardless of where their best ball lands on the green. However, if their best ball is closer than 10-feet then they putt from that spot.

The Air Cannon speeds up play.


Players go directly from the tee box to the green.

We suggest three different methods for selling the air cannon to your golfers.

  • Option #1 

    • Charge each player a fee to shoot the air cannon. Our BEST pitch is $15 per player or $50 per team. 

  • Option #2

    • Get the air cannon sponsored and let your golfers shoot the air cannon no-charge.

  • Option #3

    • Include the air cannon shot in the mulligan/super ticket package

We guarantee to make your next golf event a memorable one! 

Your players will be talking about this all day long!  It is completely safe, fun and an experience that everyone can participate in…shooting golf balls over 300 yards.  

At the end of the day we give the Closest to the Pin Winner a Callaway Prize Package. We average a 90% participation rate with the tournaments we have worked with.

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