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Tournament Player Challenge

Introducing the newest Skills Challenge in Golf!

Inspired by "The Big Break" TV show on the Golf Channel, the Tournament Player Challenge (TPC) provides tournament players with a UNIQUE skills challenge that also serves as the NEWEST fundraising contest in golf today!

How the challenge works:

Object of the game:

To hit a golf ball through the target leaving a well-defined hole.



Set up on a designated hole. Locate the target about 10-12 paces in front of the tee markers. Located off the left or right side of the tee box.


Set Up:

Twelve strides (36ft or so) from the tee markers sits a 18” x 24” target mounted inside a metal frame atop two 5ft. tall steel posts.


The Challenge:

For a small fee ($5 per shot, 3 shots for $10), Each player attempts to drive a golf ball through the target as close as possible to the center bullseye. As balls pass through the target they make a loud firecracker-like noise and holes are well defined so you can easily identify the shots closest to the bullseye.


The Prize(s):

The player who hits their ball closest to the bullseye wins half the money collected and the runner(s)-up receive a smaller token gift certificate or prize of your choosing.


The Result:

This new skills contest is sure to be a hit. This fun and fast competitive skill game is sure to bring in new revenue for your event. You can also offer this as a new sponsorship opportunity. Get a sponsor to cover the cost and all the proceeds are your to keep.

Contact us today and book the Tournament Player Challenge for your next event.

The package includes 4 TPC targets.

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