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Event Signage

Upgrade your tournament appearance with high-quality digitally printed sponsor signs from Professional Golf Events. All of our signs are digitally printed in full color, mounted to foam board and treated with waterpoof and UV resistant ink, helping to make your signs last from one event to the next. We offer a wide variety of custom designed signs guaranteed to make your sponsor and event get the recognition they deserve. Our graphic artists have designed wide variety of sign templates to meet all our your needs.

Sponsor Recognition Board

Give your tournament sponsors the recognition they deserve by promoting them on a sponsor recognition board. These versatile signs get displayed at the player registration area, event meal and at the awards presentation, all the while prominently promoting your tournament sponsors. Choose from a variety of design style and sizes, including 3'W x 5'T, 4'W x 4'T, 4'W x 6'T or our custom designed 8'W x 8'T board.


These same style signs can also be used as a marketing tool by promoting your golf tournament. Locate them at the host golf facility or any place where they will be seen.

4'x4' Sponsor Board: $175.00

3'x 5' Sponsor Board: $175.00

4'x 6' Sponsor Board: $225.00

4'x 8' Sponsor Board: $295.00

4'x 8'  Landscape Sponsor Board: $295.00

8'x 8' Sponsor Board: $575.00

Special Assembly Required

Hole Sponsor Signs

Template A - Hole Sign

Available Size:

22'' diameter - $30

Template B - Hole Sign

Available Sizes:

12" x 18" - $20

18" x 24" - $25

24" x 30" - $35

Template C - Hole Sign

Available Sizes:

18" x 12" - $20

24" x 18" - $25

30" x 24" - $35

Template D - Hole Sign

Available Sizes:

18" x 12" - $20

24" x 18" - $25

30" x 24" - $35

Custom Hole Sponsor Sign

We can custom design any hole sign to your specifications!

Available Sizes:

12" x 18" - $20

18" x 24" - $25

24" x 30" - $35

Cart Sponsor Signs

Designed as a lower priced alternative to Hole Sponsorships, cart sponsor signs were conceived as an entry-level sponsorship opportunity. Where most tournaments are selling hole sponsorships anywhere from $150.00 to $500.00, we strategically designed the cart sponsorship level to be sold for $100 and less, providing an inexpensive way to generate additional sponsorship dollars for your next event. With a low sign cost of only $24.00, your event is providing a sponsorship opportunity for the budget minded.


Golf tournaments are selling them individually or as a package deal to a key sponsor who might sponsor all the carts for your tournament. These signs are custom designed with grommets in the corners and using wire ties, they can be attached to all golf carts in a number of ways. These same style signs can also be used for sponsorship of a tournament beverage cart. The ideas are endless!


Standard Size: 10" T x 36" W - Sign comes with grommets located in top left and right hand corners, allowing it to be attached to most golf carts using wire ties.

Beverage Cart Sponsor Sign

Contest  Sponsor Signs

General Event Signs

Food & Beverage Sponsor Signs

Custom Event Signs

Let us design any custom signs needed for your event.

Sign & Banner Order Guidelines

All sign orders must be submitted to PGE at least eight (8) business days prior to the delivery date. Orders submitted within this time frame will be shipped via regular ground delivery. Orders submitted outside this time frame will be shipped best way to insure the signs are delivered prior to the start of your tournament.

Example: Signs are scheduled for delivery on Friday, May 11th. Final sign order must be submitted by the previous Wednesday at Noon EST. Proofs will then be provided. Proofs must be reviewed and final changes must be submitted no later than Tuesday 9:00AM EST.

  • Rush fees (20%) will apply to any and all orders received and submitted within 6 business days of the required delivery date and/or final production approval received within 5 days of the event.

  • One set of proofs will be provided FREE of charge. Additional proofs will be billed at $15 per sign, not per set. (To avoid being billed excessively for revised proofs, please be sure to submit the most accurate information on the initial order)

  • Logos must be received in editable-vector format or jpg / pdf 300 dpi or better. Logos meeting these requirements will be submitted to the graphics department as is.   *Accepted formats: .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .eps, CorelDraw, Freehand, Illustrator and Photoshop.* Please note: Right-clicking on an image from a webpage is not acceptable.

  • Logos received with a white background may be altered to have a transparent background. A $10 per logo charge will apply per the customer’s request.

  • Poor quality logos will result in a $25 per hour charge for the graphic artist to correct/reproduce.

Download the Sign Order Form
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