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Let our silent auction program help your next event exceed its fund raising goal!

Our trained staff will consult with you in advance to better understand your attending supporters and target audience. We then customize your auction to include a wide-range of No-Risk items with a proven record of success. All items are provided at wholesale prices, allowing your auction to offer a low beginning minimum bid price that will help increase bidding activity. The combination of eye-catching items and low prices will generate guaranteed profits from the sale of any item! We do not take percentages or share in the proceeds from your auction. We have designed two different auction programs to fit your needs.

Drop Ship Option

​Once we finalize your list of items, they will be shipped to you along with customized bid forms. We also provide you with a customized spreadsheet so you can easily review auction sales and calculate auction profits.


We do require our charity partners to pay the shipping & handling charges for these items. Once your event is finished, you simply return any items that did not sell.  If your event sells 50% of the supplied consignment items we will waive the in-bound shipping charges and you will only be responsible for any return shipping costs.

Managed Option

​Our staff will travel to your event, professionally set up and display auction items and manage your auction. Our staff provides additional services that include:

  • Set up and staff check-out station

  • Provide credit card payment processing

  • Customized bid forms (click HERE to view sample bid form)

  • Customized signage to promote auction & charity partner