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Super Ticket Package

Let our Super Ticket Package add more to your Golf Tournament this Year!

MORE VALUE for your players and your event!

  • Your insured contests can be paid for via Super Ticket Sales!

  • Offers added skills contest opportunities throughout play!

  • NEW SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY – Provides the sponsor naming rights to the contests. Utilize the back of ticket for an exclusive offer to their place of business, creating a Win-Win sponsorship opportunity that is an easy sell for your committee!

MORE FUN for your Players!

  • Buyers of a Super Ticket are automatically entered into the hole in one contests, $5,000 putting contest, and may qualify for the $100,000 shootout

  • To this, add a mulligan, string, handy sandy toss or gimmie putt

  • If a car or major prize is donated, we'll add it to the ticket to build value!

  • Eagle Opportunity and optional skins contest for those teams that purchase 4 Super Tickets!

  • YES, players may comepete for immediate $400 cash prize winnings in the optional TEAM Skin's Game
    (Payable out of ticket sales)

  • Each ticket is individually numbered and may be used for raffles or prize drawings

MORE PROFIT toward your event's bottom line!

  • Effortlessly add $1500-$3,000 in revenue from Super Ticket sales!

  • Sell the tickets in advance and/or the day of registration

  • You decide the sale price based on your market. Typically offered at: $25/$30/$50 per person or $100/$120/$150 Per team

  • Events average 85% + sell through rate, providing MORE for all!


We create and print Super Ticket to your specifications!

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